Escaping Your Former State’s Taxing Authority

Regular readers of this column know that I like to educate on the importance of distancing oneself from your former state of domicile when declaring Florida residency. A recent State of New York State Tax Appeals ruling in the Matter of Thomas Campaniello highlights the reasons necessary to remove any doubt as to your state […]

Another Reason to Update Your Legal Documents to Florida Law

The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR) once attempted to tax a trust that had been moved from Illinois to Texas after the grantor’s death, even though the trust had been moved to Texas. The trustees of the trust had to expend considerable sums fighting off the IDR. This is a lesson that those who have […]

Declaring Florida Residency

There are many advantages to declaring Florida residency, but how does one go about doing so? Abandoning residency in one state to establish residency in Florida often is a factual question, which is established on a case by case basis. Some states have adopted laws (which are all different) which impose certain tests to determine […]