Married Couple Can’t Split Residency to Retain Dual Homesteads

At the conclusion of our recently held client workshops we open the floor for questions. At all three of the venues a common question arose, “Can I be a Florida resident while my wife remains a resident of northern state?” My follow up question in each case was, “Why would your wife still want to […]

Declaring Florida Residency

There are many advantages to declaring Florida residency, but how does one go about doing so? Abandoning residency in one state to establish residency in Florida often is a factual question, which is established on a case by case basis. Some states have adopted laws (which are all different) which impose certain tests to determine […]

Becoming a Florida Resident Necessitates an Estate Plan Update

Many people move to Florida or establish residency here not only for the sunshine but also to minimize their tax burden. When you move to Florida, it’s wise to consider an update to your estate plan. Florida residency offers several advantages. Since Florida does not have a state income tax, the tax on unearned income […]

My Northern Attorney is Licensed in Florida

At the risk of sounding self serving, today I’m going to relate to you a story that occurs in my office too frequently. Regular readers of my column will recall that I commonly write how each state’s tax, trust and estate laws are different, and therefore upon becoming a Florida resident, one should visit with […]