Another Reason to Update Your Legal Documents to Florida Law

The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR) once attempted to tax a trust that had been moved from Illinois to Texas after the grantor’s death, even though the trust had been moved to Texas. The trustees of the trust had to expend considerable sums fighting off the IDR. This is a lesson that those who have […]

How Often to Update?

I am often asked the question how often one should review and update one’s estate planning documents, including your will and/or trust. My general answer is that you should treat your estate planning documents the same way you treat your health. Most people make an annual visit to the doctor to make sure that everything […]

Don’t Write in the Margins

While attending law school, I used to take a yellow highlighter and pen, writing in the margins of my textbooks to annotate what I viewed as the important passages related to that day’s assignment.When a professor called on me in class, I found these highlights and marginalia invaluable. Many of us are used to taking […]

Five Reasons Baby Boomers Need to Update Their Estate Plans

I was born at the tail end of the baby boomer generation – which is said to include all those born between 1946 and 1964. We’ve been a royal pain-in-the-rear generation – first swelling the ranks of classrooms causing the construction of new schools, and then making college admissions hyper-competitive, afterwards increasing the demand for […]